Announcing Women Power @ Rozet

With the start of the National Book Week, there was a theme a lot of people wish to adres. It’s actually THE theme of the Book Week: “Moeder de vrouw”. It’s rather hard to translate, but it would be something as “Women in traditional maternal roles”.¬†While a lot of people argued that this is in fact the 2019 Book Week, as opposed to the 1959 one, some people decided to make the theme their own; like Rozet in Arnhem.


We were of course very happy to join such a revolutionary program that will talk about women as they actually are and should be in this modern day and age: powerful, equal and independent. With a collection of historical scents we explored the way women have used scent in the last century to create this independence and resist the patriarchal ideals of their time.



Saturday – March 30th – 19:30

Rozet – Kortestraat 16 – 6811 EP Arnhem
026 – 35 43 100 –¬†




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