Our reality is a complex thing; she sometimes seems to defy all logic, every diagram, every explanation. There are many layers to her. Trying to capture her in the default of language, hearing, sight, seems a bit naive.

What we call ‘intuition’, is actually mostly a set of stimuli that are around us, but that we don’t perceive straight away. Only when we return to our house after we’ve been on holiday for a few weeks, do we get to smell what our home actually smells like. And that is without us living in it.

We focus so much on the rational senses, that that what actually makes us feel alive sometimes drifts to the background. Although we are all connected to these experiences. The smell of coffee in the morning, when you’re still in bed, signifying someone you love nearby. The smell of the sea, when you haven’t smelled her for years, the heat of a big city, the coolness of a drink. Crushing dirt and fresh stems between our fingers in the garden. The softness of a forest floor. The feeling of cold oxygen entering your lungs in winter, making you happy you went outside.

Those experiences can hold moments of sheer joy, or sadness and longing. They are almost always deeply emotional.

It is funny to think that in Western culture we’ve grown to believe that they are the lower senses, the ones not suitable for reason, study or perhaps even use. When they reach us to our deepest core.

With multi-sensory communication we try to establish a form of using these senses in communication. We work with these senses quite literally, creating fragrances to be used in a variety of contexts. We also love working with other disciplines, trying to find ways to compliment eachother. Creating once in a lifetime experiences.

Milky water on a rainy day. The look of a watered down cream around fragile, dead sprigs. The smell of soil and dirt, a rubbery raincoat. Somehow cold drips make it inside. Shoes get colder. Alone at last. – Terrasol, Geosmin
Winter, a first day of frost. Days of rain have gone by but it’s clear now. The air just smells cold, there is no other way of saying it. Nature is still in a state of rest, but somehow her movements seem more alive then ever today. – Ocean Carboxaldehyde/Scentenal
Wind through hair. An outside walk all dressed up. Feeling old worldly, red lipstick and a chypre. The aldehydes carry to well-dressed passers by. – vintage Rive Gauche, Yves Saint Laurent.