Hey guys,


Well, we’ve been meeting a lot of you lately, especially at the Dutch Design Week. What we pick up is that a lot of students and artists are looking for ways to work with scent in their work and are having a really hard time sourcing materials and knowledge.

Of course we’re trying to set up a lab where you can all come and explore scent and the sense of smell but until we’re ready we have two things for you:


  • Please don’t hesitate to ask us for information about your projects. We are happy to help, give you tips on where to start and a list of chemicals that might be helpful, places where you could order materials or send you samples at a small fee. We love the progressive movement that’s happening in scent and are glad to contribute, especially to young makers!


  • If you feel like the world is sorely lacking a scent library and workspace, but you are on a limited budget and can’t contribute to the campaign financially: you’re voice is more important then your money! We are in contact with various art schools at this point and will be teaching at ArtScience at the KABK in The Hague next year, but we are hoping for even more collaborations! If you send us an email to back the campaign, we might be able to map how many people are actually looking for an olfactory workspace and … who knows what will happen!


  • For all of the above and other questions; you can reach us at info@atticlabperfumes.nlĀ  We hope to hear from you!

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