Our memories are deeply connected to the scents we surround ourselves with. We all have examples of scent that we or our loved ones wore during the moments that shaped our life. But those scents fade, we run out of them. But what then happens to the memories attached to those scents when we lose those fragrances?

They are like photographs that degrade every time we view them. Each time we look, we are a little closer to losing the memory forever. Eau Eternelle is not a perfume; it’s a manifesto and it’s a formula.

When you buy Eau Eternelle the bottle of fragrance it comes with is merely a gift. What you will own is the exact way of recreating the fragrance forever. A safe place to store your memories, as you will never need to be without it.

Eau Eternelle launched on the 24th of June at the Fashion Design Festival Arnhem (FDFA) during a night hosted by Ontwerp Platform Arnhem (OPA) and is available in a small batch of ten bottles. (8/10)