What is multi-sensory communication?

With multi-sensory communication we mean going beyond the usual senses involved in communicating with people. We usually rely on sight and hearing in our communication, while smell, touch and taste play an important role in experiences people have. Involving all of our senses creates a more intuitive, approachable and truer-to-life experience, that can reach people more deeply, trigger memories and is more inclusive to those differently abled.

Can you help me make my own perfume?

I work with brands releasing fragrance as part of their brand-identity and help set up fragrance lines. I don’t teach classes in regular perfume-making.

I’m a student/artist/designer and want to incorporate fragrance in my work, can you help me?

Sure, send me an email! I am happy to help you with a project or guide you in your practice. At this moment I’m teaching at Art Science at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and at the MA Fashion Stragety at ArtEz in Arnhem, but I’ve been guiding students from different academies for the last few years. It means a lot to have people think about communication with different senses. Feel free to send me a description of your project and the questions you need help with!

Do you give workshops?

I have been giving a workshops in the past. Due to Covid, teaching is proving quite hard. I am open to doing a series of online workshops in the future. Interested, can’t wait, know a few other people that would like to participate? Send me an e-mail and let’s see what we can do!

Can you make me a fragrance?

Yes I can. Before going into the process of development, it is important to know that making a fragrance formula takes up quite a lot of hours. Usually we would need to establish a briefing first. Then we will create different samples and tweak the fragrance until we are satisfied.

How much does it cost to have a fragrance made?

Depending on the fragrance, a development fee usually starts around €2000,- for artistic projects, for fragrances that need to be suitable for commercial, functional or fine fragrance use, we ask you to get in touch.

Can you do a small batch of fragrance?

Yes, that’s what I love doing! Usually creating a fragrance only makes sense when you want to buy hundreds of liters. With innovative design, we usually only need a few bottles. I am able to design a formula, compound it and bottle it for you, if desired.

I have a very interesting project, but I won’t be able to pay your fee. Is there anything we can do?

I love helping designers, artists and students with their work. I’ve also worked for initiatives close to my heart. Don’t be shy to ask me for your help. Together we can look at possible funding options or a trade. Maybe we can help each other?

What is Memory Bar/Society of Cocktails and how are you connected?

Memory Bar/Society of Cocktails is a collaboration between Thomas Buckley, Ned Lawlor and Renske van Vroonhoven. We create multi-sensory events and experiences that incorporate emergent technology, award-winning cocktails, scentscapes, large scale projection and (bineural/spatial) audio. If you’d like to know more, I’d urge you to go to www.societofcocktails.com or send me an e-mail.