Introduction: Renske van Vroonhoven

Renske had always been interested in art and doing things a little differently. She went to Artschool in Den Bosch and studied Photography at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam. She discovered there that she was never really one to pick one discipline so she walked lots of different paths, eventually ending up working in scent. 

” What makes this discipline so special is the way it’s both a very creative process but it’s also mentally and intellectually challenging. What I love is the way it’s so exact, but also very personal. I think it’s a shame that the world of scent is shrouded in such mystery and secrecy.

When I stared learning more about scent I learned so much from the community I ended up in that I feel very strongly about giving back. I hope to create a space where people can come and be exposed to scent and start experimenting with the subject. I hope I can help in that process and start exposing more people to this wonderful, exciting medium.”

Renske van Vroonhoven is the perfumer behind the Attic Lab lable. She has a background in the arts and worked in disciplines such as painting, photography and dabbled in most visual mediums. Her field of expertise is to work with scent in an interdisciplinary way and broad context. Seven years ago she stumbled onto the subject of scent and she started teaching herself perfumery. At this point she works for commercial players, universities, municipalities, art-schools and so forth.

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