I went to London for four days for a perfume-visit. Check out all of the stuff I managed to get done:

– smell Iris Gris
– smell all kinds of real Ambegris
– smell all kinds of real Oudh
– visit great perfumeries like Bloom, Jovoy and Les Senteurs
– pick up a few (or nearly 40) new materials, among which are Cadeverine and the smell of blood.
– have the very polite and British salestaff of said perfumeries smell Cadaverine and Blood
– eat in a great Indian restaurant
– drink a 12 pound cocktail
– go to a really nice gaybar
– get a few (or 20) samples of exciting and really lovely stuff
– buy a bottle of rather bad (or at least undoubtably naughty) perfume

And of course meet some fantastic friends without this adventure wouldn’t have been fun at all! Thanks everybody for a lovely time!

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