A Safer Space was a collaboration between Attic Lab and Julius Thissen. Julius researched scent-culture from a queer-perspective, looking at the role of fragrance in our perception of gender identity, resulting in a fragrance that connected people through space and time.


Julius Thissen is a multidisciplinary artist and artistic researcher based in Arnhem (NL) 

Their works investigate notions of community and representation, masculinity, sports and competition.

With their photographic work, originating from their practice as a performance artist, Thissen aims to create narratives that investigate the fine line between performing and failing. These relations are strongly linked to contemporary performance driven culture and the influence of social expectations on our behaviour. The work also relates to personal experiences as a genderqueer trans masculine individual. Thissen strongly opposes the constraining and often binary narratives imposed on transgender and queer people.

Thissen has been nominated for the Hendrik Valk Price, Arnhemse Nieuwe and the Warsteiner Blooom Awards. In 2017 Julius received the Mondriaan Fund Stipendium for Emerging Artists and in 2020 they received the Mondriaan Fund Artist Project Grant.”