Art Olfaction Amsterdam presents

Mondays are fun-days with curated experiences, games, engagements and more.
With Kendra Gaeta, Saskia Wilson-Brown, Renske van Vroonhoven, and IAO team.

The Institute for Art and Olfaction, Mediamatic and some very special guests team up to present three monday explorations into the outer reaches of scent culture. From lab safety strategies to a real live aromatic game show (with some human-smells extraction exercises to spice things up), anything goes in the IAO’s playhouse. You can definitely expect eclecticism, gonzo experimentation, and plenty of aromatic adventures.



Playhouse: Sex S(m)ells
Mon., Jul. 30, 7:00pm to 9:00pm CET
at Mediamatic Tuinkamer
With Renske van Vroonhoven, Thijs Elich, Saskia Wilson-Brown, Kendra Gaeta

Join Saskia Wilson-Brown and Kendra Gaeta (IAO) and  Renske van Vroonhoven (Attic Lab) for an exploration of extractions with a definite blue movie twist. From enfleurage to expression (tee-hee), our internal explorers will have you – and your body parts – well covered.

In the Sex S(m)ells playhouse, we will start by blind smelling molecules associated with the human and animal body. The group will split up to take on one of three exercises attempting to extract aroma from human materials: We will tincture material taken from the participants’ armpits, do enfleurage on used underwear, and more. Finally, we will make an attempt to recreate the extraction of aroma described in Patrick Süsskind’s ‘Perfume: Story of a Murderer,’ using a (live) human subject – an experiment that will continue through the course of our time in Amsterdam.


In 2018 we did two workshops, together with the wonderful team from the Institute for Art and Olfaction; one at Mediamatic, Amsterdam and one in Los Angeles at the Institute itself. We talked about the smells associated with the body, sex and hormones as they were used in perfumery and explained different ways of extraction by.. yes! having people extract their own smells. They left, slightly giddy, with an enfleurage of underwear, a distillation of their communal socks and a tincture of the smell of their armpits.