We are constantly busy working out new ideas and doing projects: some private, some in cooperation. It’s hard to keep the list op to date, but this is to give you some idea what we have been doing the past years:


  • Fruit After Brexit a.k.a. Strange Fruits: fruits where they don’t belong
  • Rasputin; a reconstruction
  • Rock’eau: gitarists sweat
  • Scent in Concert: scented landscapes based on Ligeti, Messiaen, Verdi and Katy Perry (among others)
  • True/False/Fake/Real: banishing lavender from a lavender perfume.
  • Several perfumes like Mme. B, The Florale and still a lot too sort through!


  • Together with Benjamin Francis van der Burg we did a scent for ARTEZ. It featured in their Apocalypse Now exposition this summer.
  • Summerschool in the Achterhoek: we spent 10 days on the estate of a friend of ours to work with extraction methods like enfleurage and alcohol distillation.
  • In 2016 we were speakers at PECHA KUCHA Den Haag.
  • For the Museumpark Orientalis in de Heilige Land Stichting we made eight food related scents for their exposition “Tasting the Middle East”
  • We participated in the Experimental Scent Summit in London 2018 on the 18th of April. We presented the theory behind scent|bites and explained how scent influences the way we taste and the foodchoices we make.
  • This year teamed up with the Institute of Art and Olfaction to help in the open lab and give a workshop at Mediamatic, Amsterdam. We also visited their Lab in Los Angeles where we taught their students.
  • For the art installation ‘Solaris’ by Alexandre Broeder and Willemijn Zevenhuyzen we created a scent to fill the room. The installation was featured at Theaterfestival the Boulevard.
  • We participated in several festivals this year, like the Dutch Design Week and Innovate, in Arnhem. We will presenting scent|bites together with Renske Bongers at Innovate. At the Dutch Design Week we’ll present the concept of our Open Source Scent Lab!
  • Together with Voordekunst we raised €25.000,- to start our new Open Source Scent Lab.