“Easy to carry from temporary house to temporary house, affordable, attainable; Scent of Home is everything the involuntary nomad of today needs!”

We all know the problem: you’re a highly educated, successful person, working on your own businesses or holding down a pretty decent job. Yet, there’s always something missing. Maybe we’re entitled, maybe we think we deserve only the best, but it keeps nagging. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to live?

It might seem like in this day and age attaining this basic human right is impossible for even the most successful of us, let alone those unlucky souls who aren’t always a step ahead. But not any longer! With ‘Scent of Home’ you finally have a way to feel right at home wherever you are!

Just spray the fragrance on your aunt’s couch, entering yet another overpriced studio you’ll occupy for a few months, or use it to solidify some homely memories before you’re evicted from your house so it can be upgraded for the next person who rents it, put up your feet and imagine the safety of a place to call your own!

‘Scent of Home’ is available in a limited prototyped edition. To obtain the scent, look me up in the crowd of thousands of people gathered at Westerpark, Amsterdam Sunday the 12th of September. A 50 ml roomspray will cost you less than 5% of an average Amsterdam apartment’s monthly rent!