Attic Lab can help you set up scent as part of your communication whether you’re an artist/designer, brand or big company. Let me know what we can help you with!

Events and Experiences

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Scent Design

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Sensory Development

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Interdisciplinary projects

We love working with other disciplines, nothing is to crazy for us. Try to surprise us!

Our work focuses around scent as part of a whole. That can mean creating a fragrances that translates the values, aesthetic and feel of your project/company/work. Our work is not run of the mill, though. There are a lot of companies that specialize in matching clients up with scent that are able to use focus groups, work very trend-oriented and are able to easily scale up production. We come at the subject from a slightly different point of view, and always try to go in depth in our projects about what a scent truly means and evokes.

We are used to working interdisciplinary, which means we can match up a scent to the rest of your aesthetic or, with a larger team, create entire experiences involving scent, projection, food-design, award-winning cocktails, bi-neural audio and whatever you can think of. We have an extensive network of talented people around us, and are sure we can help you realize your vision, however unusual it might seem.

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