Startup in Residence Utrecht

We were selected to participate in a Startup in Residence for the Gemeente Utrecht! We will be teaming up with a behavioral scientist to examine the possibilities of using scent to steer peoples eating behavior.

A lot more about the actual project we developed there can be found under the header scent|bites, but I would like to take this opportunity to explain a little about the program we did there:

With Startup in Residence, the Gemeente Utrecht challenges people to find innovative solutions for challenges in society. With the help of professionals and the municipality of Utrecht, startups are invited to find practical ways to implement their innovations in a practical setting. After an intense selection we were asked to participate in a twelve week program to help us develop our ideas into a practical solution.

Following the proces of design thinking we analyzed the problem and made sure our plans would fit in with the actual problem. We visited sports canteens, universities, talked to everybody involved, read up on the studies that have already been done and came up with a solution, that we presented to the Gemeente Utrecht.

To read more about what we will be doing in the next year, visit scent|bites on this website or at


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