Tasting the Middle East at Orientalis

Another fun project we developed recently is a interactive scented game for the Museumpark Orientalis.

At a talk in Nijmegen we met Caspar Loupen. He told us he worked for Orientalis, and that the museum was interested in more innovative approaches. We decided to keep in touch and attended a very impressive opening a few months later. After a few talks we decided to try doing a project together.

Because the budget was quite limited we did have a few challenges. Luckily we found a format that worked for everybody. We created scents of food from the Middle East that people eat in religious context and made a game.

In each of the boxes you see there’s a scent. Bread, wine, incense or dates and milk. When you open the box the scent comes wafting out and than you sniff. On a scorecard you can keep track of what you smelled. You can off course play this game by yourself, but it’s always more fun to play together!


The exhibit opened on the 17th of March. For more information about ‘Tasting the Middle East’.


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