Since we gave a talk at the Experimental Scent Summit this year, we were already in London. We attended the Annual Art and Olfaction Awards at the Tabernacle in London after that. It was really wonderful to see so many talented people under one roof and the ceremony was great. We would love to thank the Institute of Art and Olfaction for this great experience!

“The Art and Olfaction Awards celebrate creativity, innovation and excellence in global independent and artisan perfumery. We do this through an annual award in three categories. Artisan Perfume, Independent Perfume and Experimental Work with Scent. As well as our Contribution to Scent Culture Award, and the Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume.

Awarded to just five projects and two people a year, the Art and Olfaction Awards present a highly competitive and highly selective award. It is designed to raise interest and awareness for active independent and artisan perfumers from all countries. Our hope is that by shining a spotlight on independent and artisan perfumery’s most outstanding creators, we-  in turn – will help generate support for independent perfumery, as a whole.”


Next year the Annual Art and Olfaction Awards will be held much closer to home. We will definitely be coming to Amsterdam for those! And great news: The AIO will be in Amsterdam THIS summer as wel! For a Summer Residency program at Mediamatic Amsterdam. And wel will also be doing a workshop!


For more information on the Art and Olfaction Awards, visit:

To learn more about the Institute of Art and Olfaction, visit:


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