Hurray! We actually made it!


We spend the last one and a half month crowdfunding for our new lab-space and we are so happy to be able to tell you that we made it!

Of course we had a great crowd around us, both at the Dutch Design Week and ‘in real life’. We are so thankful for all the support we got and hope to see all of you in the new space soon!



But €25.000 is quite an amount and we wouldn’t have made it without some bigger donations that we want to thank as well. This project would have never happened without Stroomversneller Arnhem, de Provincie Gelderland and the Bankgiro Loterij Fonds. Thank all of you for believing in this project and supporting us!








Another really special group of people we want to thank is Essenza. We met their team at the Dutch Design Week and we had a chat about branding and scent. After a great meeting they decided to back our project and we are now in the process of developing some great scents together. It’s wonderful to meet a business that’s so supportive and trusting in a start-up like ours!





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